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New Study on Cannabinoids and Covid Transmission

Is there anything to the Covid transmission and cannabinoids hype?

So is it just a late-night joke, or is there some actual evidence to the buzz about how this study that cannabinoids (specifically: CBDA and CBGA (the acidic forms of CBD and CBG) could help to block transmission of the Covid virus?  What do we actually know, and what’s wishful thinking?


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Impact Naturals Takes Top Prize at CBD Expo West

The CBD and health supplement company Impact Naturals was announced as the winner of the Best in Show / Dr. John MacKay Award for Best Scientific Advancements in the CBD Industry at CBD Expo West, held in Los Angeles, California.
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The Science of Plant-Derived Cannabinoids
There is a substantial body of evidence supporting the use of plant-derived cannabinoids (like CBD) in helping us lead healthier, more positive lives.
The Endocannabinoid System: A Deeper Look
The endocannabinoid system operates alongside the nervous, immune, and cardiovascular systems (among others) to keep us healthy.
Impact Naturals Participates in Milestone CBD Safety Study
Impact Naturals is proud to join other leaders in the CBD industry in a large-scale human safety study conducted by Validcare (Denver, CO) and overseen by an Institutional Review Board (IRB) in accordance with FDA regulations.
CBD and Human Health: What's the Evidence?
Is there actual scientific evidence supporting CBD's role in human health?