You’re Invited: Join Our Nationwide CBD Study

You’re Invited: Join Our Nationwide CBD Study

Impact Naturals is committed to solid clinical research – and, making sure our products are as safe as they are effective. We are proud to be a part of nationwide study of CBD and liver safety administered by ValidCare reporting to the FDA (you can read about the study here).

As a leader in this nationwide study, we’d like to extend the opportunity to enroll today to our friends and fans – it’s a great opportunity to try (or continue) our products for FREE for 30 days and a thank-you $100 gift card if you meet the study requirements.

The Details

This is a clinical observation study regarding the safety and reported effects of daily use of CBD, and we are looking for participants who have regularly used CBD products for at least the last 30 days. Volunteers who sign up below and are eligible for the study will receive free products from Impact Naturals™ and if they complete the entire study, a $100 virtual debit card that can be used on-line and at Impact Naturals. Please note you will need to select “Impact Naturals” as your preferred brand to receive our products and gift card.

Complete Study Enrollment Form Here  

What will happen, once you enroll?

In the next few weeks, ValidCare, a medical research company, will ask you to enroll in the 30-day clinical observation study subject to meeting the inclusion/exclusion criteria. The study will require you to use an app for 30 days to document your use and timing of the CBD product you received, how you respond to it, and if you have any side effects or other comments. You will also need to undergo one blood draw for liver function testing.

Volunteers who complete the program, including providing the information through the app and a blood draw, will receive an electronic gift card for $100 from Impact Naturals if you choose an Impact Naturals product. Near the end of that month, you will be sent a voucher to take to a Quest or LabCorp diagnostic lab near you to have one tube of blood drawn. You must do the blood draw to complete the study and receive the $100 gift card.

Please also be aware that Impact Naturals will NOT be provided with, nor will it be able to view or access, your personal health information in connection with your participation. However, the results of the study, including adverse events and use data, will be provided but without any specifically identifiable information.

Impact Naturals is very pleased to help gather essential information that the FDA needs to move forward with their regulation of CBD. With your help, we can learn more about CBD and liver safety, provide visibility into male testosterone levels in adults using CBD for 60 days or more and take the next step in CBD’s regulation to validate the safety of this natural compound.

If you are selected, you will receive a follow-up email with more information and instructions on what the study will entail. Please note that the study and its communication will be administered by ValidCare for maximum consumer privacy and best FDA practices.

Complete Study Enrollment Form Here