Our CHYLOSOMA™ capsules rely on long-chain triglycerides to carry the CBD, CBG, and CBN molecules through the GI tract. They are broken down into their essential components and absorbed into the cells lining the small intestine, where they are quickly reassembled into particles called chylomicrons, which pass into the lymph vessels that comprise the body's lipid transport system. The lipid transport system carries lipid- soluble vitamins and nutrients directly to organs, tissues, and the brain via the blood, while initially bypassing the liver, meaning our cannabinoids are delivered faster and in larger quantities across the whole body and brain.

CHYLOSOMA™ Means More Availability and Faster Onset

CHYLOSOMA™ enables our formulas to be 500% more bioavailable than CBD oil alone, meaning the body can get a bigger benefit from a smaller dose.

The CHYLOSOMA™ Difference

Our unique formulation not only contains lab-verified* levels of CBD and other minor cannabinoids in each precisely-dosed serving, but it is designed to work with our bodies' natural physiology to deliver significantly more CBD to all the places it can have a beneficial impact.

Since we utilize molecular structures called chylomicrons in this delivery system, we called it CHYLOSOMA™.


The challenge of formulating CBD (Cannabidiol) and other rare cannabinoids like CBG (Cannabigerol) and CBN (Cannabinol) for human benefit is making them bioavailable to the human body. After all (and for very obvious reasons), our bodies are built to not completely absorb every substance we put into them! Without a critical level of concentration in the blood, however, it's debatable whether CBD can make a measurable enough impact on the endocannabinoid system for most people to really 'feel' a difference.

This was the starting point for our cannabinoid formulation research. As medical professionals and scientists, we believe consistency and reproducibility are key to creating a reliable and trustworthy wellness product. Now, we're pleased to share that we have developed what we believe is the best approach on the market, validated by multiple studies measuring CBD concentration and speed of onset.

For the majority of CBD manufacturers, such performance simply isn’t possible. Most CBD products weaken considerably when ingested––the liver can remove 80% or more of the CBD that passes through the GI tract. And unless the manufacturing process is sophisticated enough to precisely control the levels of cannabinoids in the final product (as ours does), then the final products will reflect the unpredictable variability of the hemp plants, which produce differing amounts of CBD and other cannabinoids per harvest. This is akin to how grapes and wine work––the grapes may come from the same vines year after year, but the alcohol levels and flavor of the wine vary with each harvest. When consistency of CBD dosage is so important, eliminating this variability is critical.

What Does It All Mean?

Lipid transport, bioavailability, lymph vessels, MCT, chylomicrons, oh my! We know there’s a lot of science-related terminology and concepts on this page, but that’s sort of the point. Impact Naturals’ products are all driven by proven, repeatable science––not guesswork, conjecture, or hyperbole. We will only ever introduce a new product when we’re satisfied it does what we say it does, not because we ‘believe’ it, but because that’s what the science tells us. We’re committed to improving our customers’ lives, one proven, research-driven, scientific step at a time.

*CHYLOSOMA™ data is compiled from measurements across multiple studies (5 prospective studies in animals and humans), including: Patrician, A., Versic-Bratincevic, M., Mijacika, T. et al. Examination of a New Delivery Approach for Oral Cannabidiol in Healthy Subjects: A Randomized, Double-Blinded, Placebo-Controlled Pharmacokinetics Study. Adv Ther 36, 3196–3210 (2019). Research is ongoing. Please follow our Research and Lab Notes blog for the latest updates.