Impact Naturals Takes Top Prize at CBD Expo West

Impact Naturals Takes Top Prize at CBD Expo West

Impact Naturals Takes Top Prize at CBD Expo West

Higher Absorption CBD Formulas Take the Spotlight at LA Show

San Diego, California, October 2021. For Immediate Release.

The cannabinoid life science and health supplement company Impact Naturals received the Best in Show / Dr. John MacKay Award for Best Scientific Advancements in the CBD Industry at CBD Expo West in Los Angeles, CA. The award recognizes Impact Naturals' innovative CHYLOSOMA™ capsule formulation, which significantly enhances the bioavailability of cannabinoids.

"I selected Impact Naturals for the Best Science Advancement award based on their innovative work creating formulations that bypass the liver”, said Dr. John MacKay.  “They’re breaking new ground by using long-chain triglycerides to take advantage of the lipid transport system, thereby boosting both absorption and speed of onset for their products. I look to reward innovative science-based work in the hemp and cannabis field, and I will be watching to see what they produce next." 

Impact Naturals CEO Vassili Kotlov comments, “We’re really proud to have created a best-in-class product, and especially recognize the value of this award from Dr. MacKay as an expert in our field. Our mission is to bring the best of pharmaceutical-level innovation to the hemp, CBD, and supplement space, and after two years of formula development, careful testing, and refinement, we’re now launching our unique products to consumers across all 50 states.”  

One of the most attended shows in the cannabis and CBD industry, this year's CBD Expo West was Impact Naturals’ first ever in-person trade event. The company's line of highly-bioavailable CBD capsule products (REVIVE™, RESTORE™, and REST™) first became available for purchase in September 2021 after being in research and development since 2019. 

About Impact Naturals

Impact Naturals Group ( is a wellness company concentrating on next-generation formulations of hemp-derived CBD and minor cannabinoids. Their mission is to harness the best of nature to deliver reliable, innovative, and consistent products. The founders include a medical doctor and pharmaceutical and biotech experts. All products are hemp-derived, THC-free and legal for sale in the US.

About Dr. John A. MacKay

Dr. MacKay is the Founder and CEO of Synergistic Technology Associates (, a boutique consulting firm for the extraction and analytical testing of natural products. In June, he co-founded the Dr. John MacKay Institute of Extraction Technology ( focused on education in the botanical space.